Friday, September 16, 2011

What I learned from Sarah

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I sent an email to Sarah on the day or the day before Riley posted his post about Sarah not feeling very well. It.s probably one of the first emails I have ever sent that I am really glad about sending it. Because I wanted her to know that she is thought of and prayed over all over the world.

I haven.t read her blog for a very long time now, but in the period of time that I did, I got to know and understand why people like Sarah of Gitzen Girl so much. It.s the joy she radiates. Everytime I was on Twitter and some of the people I follow, and Sarah as well, updated on something that was big in their life, she was one of the people who would rejoice or pray along with them or wear the burden with them. That.s something that made me wonder what kind of person is behind that tweet that surely held importance for the receiver. The person behind the tweet is someone who put other first, who in her thinking that is all about Jesus and not her learned to love like Him. And she did it! She learned to love like Him. Proof? The hundreds of people who commented and tweeted about her and wrote blog posts about her are a testimony that she taught others how to live beautiful.

I told her in the one email I sent her that she makes me feel ashamed about my lack of joy. This is the theme of her life. Joy. She is probably the single person who I know who should be the last to be full of joy. But she got her priorities in order. From her condo she impacted and impacts hundreds of people.

When I read the updates her friend posted on her blog I felt as if it was some bad news about a friend I knew I real life. Because she was the real deal! Every time I think of her I wonder what I would do if I were her, if I would know how to live a life impacting others and loving them more than I love myself, if in the midst of my trials I would still think of them first. Sarah did just that and that is why she is celebrated and honored today.

She live well and people are paying attention to what we do and say.

Thank you, Sarah for teaching how to live well.

{my favourite quote i found on Sarah.s blog. click on it!}

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