Sunday, January 1, 2012

Half Broke Horses - Jeannette Walls

I got this book from a blogger I follow, Brittany. Surprising enough, I won a giveaway and among the things I got, was this book. Although I promised myself I would not read this book until Christmas break, I was too weak to keep my promise.

I am very glad I didn’t keep it, though.

I loved, loved this book. OK, maybe not that much towards the end (what is is with me and the endings), but all in all, is a great book.

It is a bit difficult if you are not familiar with the terms related to horses and such (I wasn’t), but that doesn’t prevent the reader from understanding the plot.

Not a memoir, not an autobiography, but the story of a dear one’s life, the novel is surely to capture you from the very beginning. The fact that the chapters are fairly short and concise helps in reading the story. I personally like a book with short chapters better.

The authoress tells the story of her grandmother’s life, beginning with childhood and through adolescence, adulthood, and elderhood. Towards the end a little bit is written about Lily Casey Smith’s daughter, Rosemary Smith. Actually, the authoress’ idea was to write about her mother, Rosemary, but ended up writing about Lily. It was she who was worthy to be written about, indeed. Although “a real-life novel”, the authoress herself said there are some fictional details, as for quite a part of Lily’s life there are no proofs that she did or acted in a certain way. Nonetheless, the book is a good novel, even the fact that it’s written in first person singular makes it more appealing, engaging the readers.

Looking forward to reading The Glass Castle.


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