Sunday, January 1, 2012

Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? - Mindy Kaling

I first saw this book marked as “to-read” by one of my Good Reads friend. I know Mindy from "The Office", where she is the “Kelly” character.

Knowing “Kelly”, I knew this book would be an easy, fun read. That’s exactly what I got. It was funny, not over the top funny. The book format is fairly simple, just as she stated in the Introduction, mostly essays about her thoughts on various topics.

I liked the first half of the book better, though. Referring to “funny”, it was funnier in the beginning. Even more, towards the end I started getting bored. What I really like is that she makes references to “teenage girls” who might read this book, and so she gives sound, morally good pieces of advice. That I really liked and I am glad to see she knew her target readership.

She is honest, not afraid to look bad. Proof? See the pictures. I think this book has a big + with the inserted pictures. It shows a different part of both the author and the “The Office” show, which is, in my opinion, how she really became famous. Speaking of the “The Office”, it was interesting to see behind the scenes and see the characters as they are, aside from the faces we see in the episodes (although Kaling mostly talks about those who participate in writing the TV series).

Kaling was right when she said that if this book takes you months to read, something’s wrong. At some point I interrupted reading this book and I found it quite unappealing when I decided to resume it. This is best read in one stand, when you need a break and a light read. I think the reason I perceived it as unappealing after the “break” was because this book had no point. After I have finished this book and discussed a little bit with my sister about it, we both got to the conclusion that indeed, this book has no point. I cannot pinpoint the goal the writer had in mind when she set down and decided to start this book. Then again, she might have just though it would be good to provided {yet another} light reading.


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