Monday, October 1, 2012

101 in 1001. take #2

September 29th, 2012 marked the end of my first 101 in 1001 challenge from The Day Zero Project. I will not even dignify that first list with a link. The reason I am so harsh with the said list? Because it was a total fail. By that I mean total fail with no hope of survival kind of fail. Every 101 in 1001 project lasts, well, 1001 days. That's about two + years. Back when I created the list, as early as 2009 {!}, I was 1.) so (annoyingly) young; 2.) over enthusiastic about the list; 3.) planning to do every little thing on the list. Looking back at the list, the only thing I can think is was I serious?
Despite my epic fail, I will buckle up and start it all over again, come October 1st. Am I serious? Why, yes, yes I am.
For this list, however, I've spent quite some time thinking what exactly it is that I want to do and many items have come and gone. I think that I am a bit afraid that this list will be as unsuccessful as the other one, that is why I keep re-reading it and readjusting it. But editing must have an end and the list must see the light of day, because otherwise it will never be something that challenges me; it will only be something done in and from the comfort zone that I like to dwell in. However, because I want to do this seriously and have do-able and still challenging (for me) stuff to do, I asked my friend to read the list and see if I plan to go around the Moon with it or stay on the good old solid ground, which happens to be exactly the place I want to hang out. Not that the Moon isn't pretty and all, but not for me, not now. or ever.
I keep thinking how should I approach this as efficiently as possible. I was thinking of doing monthly sub-lists of the big list. {big lists lover here. making them, never crossing everything off them} For example, in October I will pick 3-4 things that I would prefer to tackle and work on that. But this isn't army and therefore nothing bad will happen if I don't complete the picked goals for the respective month. Maybe I do something I haven't even though of doing that month. Feeling an adrenaline rush, huh?
Like an overachiever that I strive to be, I think I have more than 101 goals, 102 or 103. The reason for that is because I could not part with any. I have 8 categories and each category has a number of goals I though applied to that category, in no specific order. Needless to say, I already have favourites. That is why I fear that if I ever have kids, there will always be at least one misfortunate kiddo who will suffer from love shortage. Anyway, not the point. Some goals I just can't wait to see crossed off cause I fear the day I will attempt to do something, anything, about them. Other goals I look forward because they seem so promising. Also, it feels good to cross something off a list and get hit by the realization that you've completed something, be it small or big.
The time slot allocated for this project: October 1st 2012 - June 29th 2015
The goals are tracked as follows: done and in progress. Hopefully, each completed goal will have a blogpost of its own, so none of my babies should feel unloved.
As my friend said, let the 101 adventure begin.