Saturday, December 8, 2012

getting in the Christmas spirit

happy to report that one more thing is crossed off the 101 in 1001 #2 list .something that, hopefully, will be repeated again in the coming years.
what am i talking about?
Micaela's Christmas ornament swap [on the list is item VIII14]. I participated in this last year as well and made a pen pal in the process and i just had to do this whole ornament swap again :) and am i glad i did!

my swap partner was Marcia and she sent me the cutest ornaments. yes, ornamentS because she was and is nice like that. i sent her a handmade ornament, a red stocking made out of sponge. i was pretty proud of myself, and i have a photo to offer evidence. i also have a photo of the things she sent me:

* a crocheted snowflake
* an elf-man
* a sweet card from Day Spring { always wanted to have a piece of Day Spring in my possession.}

my gifts to Marcia
her gifts

this sure helped the christmas spirit to settle in. i now look forward to the 2013 christmas ornament swap.