Saturday, June 1, 2013

Conference Attendance

I attended a conference in April 19th, at a University in my city. I attended two workshops, one on creativity and one on story. I liked both of them. By the end of the first one I forever understood that I will never be able to write poetry. By the end of the second one I understood why I like movies and short movies so much. And stories. And not poetry.

During the interactive story workshop, the second workshop that is, the coordinator started the whole idea for her workshop from this video: The Danger of a Single Story.

We watched a part of a short movie video, The Crush (see below). She stopped the story at one point  and a number of students she had discussed with in advance, had to continue the story from where it stopped. During the workshop they read their parts. It was a very interesting idea and it was quite fascinating to see where imagination can take us. After every student read his or her part, we watched the rest of the short movie. I think we all agreed that the director did not lack creativity either.

on the list, this goal is I27