Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Oh, the movies you'll watch!

 Happy to report I tackled this goal. This is a pretty immature goal in my opinion, but sometimes you just wanna watch a movie, you know? Some letters got more than one option, but I didn't watch every option. Here are the movies I did see as part of the II9 goal on my 101 in 1001 list. (this is a different list than the one with the foreign movies or the one with movies from the year I was born. I guess I emphasized quite a bit on movies?!)

Oh, I enjoyed watching this movie! It falls in the "I should watch more old movie" category, where Miracle on 34th Street is.

D –Despicable Me 2
Hmm. It was cute, but, as always, I set my hope too high. It was a cute little piece of entertainment on a lazy afternoon after work. I liked the first one better.

G – TheGreat Gatsby
I did see it. And I did like it. Made me miss reading the book again. The next day after I watched the movie I learned from IMDB that Isla Fisher was in the movies. She was Myrtle. #fanfail. Overall, the movie was good & I really liked it that it stayed pretty true to the book. That's always a plus. 

H – HydePark on Hudson
After I was done watching this movie, an impression stuck with me: have I just watched a soap opera? It is based on the true story of the relationship between Franklin D Roosevelt and his distant cousin Daisy. Didn't particularly like this movie.

I – Inception

M –Miracle on 34th Street
I watched this in July. Christmas in July. Ain't bad. I really liked and it made me wonder why don't I watch more old movies, black and white ones? They are something else.

N – Now YouSee Me
Oh, I did like this movie. Really liked it. The thrill. The suspense. The unknown. The twist in the end. Worth the money. Cause you know, I went to see it alone. Morgan Freeman was a major factor in deciding whether to watch it or not, but Isla Fisher was there too, and Mark Ruffalo, and also Jesse Eisenberg. Nice cast and cool plot. (such a great movie reviewer I would make #sarcasm).

O -

P – The Perks of Being a Wallflower
We are infinite, they say. Whatever. It was OK. The one thing I like about this movie? The list of books mentioned in the movie that I was able to find on GoodReads. I had kind of hight hopes for this movie. Ezra Miller's part (character name: Patrick) was well played.

Q -

R – Rememberthe Titans! I really, really, reaaaally liked this one. This movie made me go back to Friday Night Lights TV series. This movie made me like American football very much although I still don't understand the rules. (but if it's a touchdown, well, hello, happy fans!) The Coach, Herman Boone (Denzel Washington) is awesome. And what he did with the team? Unbelievable. Gotta write down some of his coaching & bonding ideas for when I'm gonna be a teacher. Such a great movie!

T – Troublewith the Curve
I like sports in movies, apparently. Who would have thought? Amy Adams was great and so was Clint Eastwood. Of course, I don't get the rules of this sport either, but who cares? Your team wins? Yay!

U -

V -

W – TheWizard of Oz
This was too much. So much that I had to watch it in two parts. So much singing. So much. But it was sweet and it's perfect for kids.

X -

Y -