Wednesday, September 4, 2013

The Road to Oscar

A movie related goal on my 101 in 1001 list is to watch all the Best Picture Nominees from Oscars in a year. The chosen year for me is 2013. Shamelessly, some of them have been included on other list(s) as well because I can only watch so many 2 hour+ long movies! God help us all! Therefore, the Oscar Nominees I have watched:

1. Argo
It's been so long since I watched a movie with my heart in my throat! I really enjoyed this movie and I am the first to be surprised by this. Good movie. And the fact that it's based on a true story helped. I mean, why worry if the plot is fictional? But if it's based on a true event (whose outcome I did not know), well, that only makes one repeat to the characters "Go, go, go! They are coming! Huuuurry!"  This movie won the Oscar and I say kuddos.

2. Amour
An Oscar nominee in 2013. I don.t usually like this kind of movies, but I liked this one. Sad and so beautifully filmed. There were a few scenes I liked very much. Not often you see a movie where you actually have time to see the painting on the wall.

3. Beasts ofthe Southern Wild
Wow. I watched this with a strong feeling that I was in a place related to Where the Wild Things Are. Such a different world and yet appealing through its uniqueness. I am always intrigued when people choose to separate themselves from the rest of the world and manage to find comfort in the little things as well as the people close to them, not necessarily family. I just adored Hushpuppy's acting. She was great in this movie.(On a very mature side, I just want to say that I found it funny and will forever remember it whenever I eat chicken, that the proper way to eat it {in Bathtub or in the world of the 21st century} is to "beast it! beast it! beast it")

I never saw Kill Bill but I hear it's nothing compared to this one. And I mean bloody, man! Blood! So much. It's been a while since I last saw a movie where I had to keep my hand before my eyes because the scenes was so cruel. The movie clearly reminded me of Gone with the Wind, but I was shocked to learn that the slaves were used in fighting games and some were treated so harshly. Overall I liked the movie and I think the actors (Jamie Foxx and Christopher Waltz) played very well.

5. Les Misérables
I postponed watching this as much as I could. Why? Well, it's a musical, that's why. Learning this, I prepared my mind for a lot of singing throughout the movie. But they sang all movie long! Right from the beginning. And it was awesome! I so enjoyed the movie and the characters were fabulous.

6. Life of Pi
Hmm. Interesting. I read the book for a class in college and I liked it. I liked the movie as well. What I liked most was how much it helped me fill in the gaps where the book made it difficult for me to create the scene in my mind. There were some great, great scenes in this movie. I want them on my desktop as a wallpaper. great movie.

7. Lincoln
I was rather afraid to watch this movie mostly because I have terrible knowledge of history. But it was really interesting and inspiring to see that history was made by people who truly believed in something and went to great lengths to see it become reality. Kuddos, Mister Abraham Lincoln! The actor's performance, Daniel Day-Lewis, was brilliant and I am glad to see that the Oscars agree with me ;) (I am so behind on such things, that only now as I was IMDb-ing the movie and the actor has it crossed my mind to see who won the Oscar for leading actor. Of course, it was Lincoln here.) Great movie, great acting, great overall feeling

8. Silver Linings Playbook
OK. This movie. I found it boring. I know, I know, it's on the Oscars list, Jennifer Lawrence got the Oscar, but I was not that impressed. I must confess I read the book first and though I liked it throughout the reading period (can I say that?), and immediately after, now I must say I wouldn't read it again. And I had such high hopes from that book. (me and my hopes regarding movies, books, life...*eyeroll*) But this is not about the book... I liked the way Jennifer Lawrence acted, but not that much the male main character, Bradley Cooper AKA Pat . I get it that he is supposed to have issues, but I was not buying it. I did enjoy Jennifer's AKA Tiffany's "whatever" attitude. And the movie as a whole, eh, it was OK. If I were to choose between the book and the movie, I think I would go with the movie, but only a bit more than with the book. The book had so much sport lingo and I don't get that, but it was clear from the book that it was mighty important for the characters, and you couldn't sense that that much from the movie. See how hard I am to please? *eyeroll* (also, for someone who says she didn't enjoy the movie that much {it's true, I watched it in two parts 'cause I was bored after the first hour}, I sure talk a lot about it, compared to the other movies on this here list).

This was intense, much like Argo. The main character was fabulors in her role as well as Jason Clarke. I didn't follow the story of Bin Laden's capture very closely, so it was nice to see it unfold in a movie. Kuddos to whoever had the idea.

goal II12 - completed