Friday, November 22, 2013

Foreign movies. II11

One of my goals for 101 in 1001 was to watch 5 foreign movies, and by that I mean movies NOT made in USA and/or (preferably) NOT American setting. This year, mostly this summer, I wanted to tackle this goal knowing that once school starts again I won't have time for movies, especially since I can't go more than 45minutes-1 hour watching something. (I think this is one reason why TV series are so popular; you watch an episode and you know you've done something, you completed it. That you choose to watch one or seven more episodes is irrelevant) Anyways, here's what foreign movies I've watched this year:

1.  In the House. (Dans la maison). A French movie.
I forgot how I heard about this movies. I didn.t watch this movie in one sitting because i was tired the night i started it, so i just decided to boomark it and continue some other time. Also, it.s French and French movies are tough. although I did enjoy The Intouchables.
The idea is interesting. It.s fascinating how some people behave the way that they do. It would be so boring if we were all so normal-y.

2. Silent Wedding. (Nunta muta)  A Romanian movie.
I am pleased to say oo-yeee, my country! I learned about this one from a school mate of mine and she said it was funny and we should watch it, but it's also sad, and be prepared for that. She did give us a spoiler, but I didn't mind. (Aren't I mature for not dismissing a movie because I heard a spoiler? So mature, proud of me). The movies was SO Romanian. You have to be Romanian to understand the degree of this Romanian-ish. Foreign movies and Romanian ones included, of course, are so free and uninhibited. Emphasis on uninhibited, if you know what I mean, ahem.

3. Goodbye Lenin. A German movie.
This is a masterpiece. I watched this one a few years ago, but I completely forgot what it was about, except that it had something to do with Communism. This semester we had a seminar on Communism during one of my classes and we all had to pitch in with something. The professor mentioned this movie and since I had seen it, I decided to just make my job easier and prepare a few clips from the movie. Boy, was it hard! The movie is so good and there were so many parts that just had to be shown, but in the end I just picked some that fit in my 20 minutes pitch (which was supposed to be 5 minutes, but seriously, have you seen the movie? I can't show you anything in 5 minutes!)

4. Amour. A French movie.
An Oscar nominee in 2013. I don.t usually like this kind of movies, but I liked this one. Sad and so beautifully filmed. There were a few scenes I liked very much. Not often you see a movie where you actually have time to see the painting on the wall.

5. A Separation. (Jodaeiye Nader az Simin) An Iranian movie.
An intense movie. I like the open ending. The story sort of drags on and on, but I liked how they surprised the confinement of the Iranian society, as well as the ways in which human stories are changed and can change people even though we don't realise.

 6. Twice Born.(Venuto al mondo). An Italian movie.
This movie was so gut wrenching. I really enjoyed watching this. It felt real, especially the war part, and raw. It is yet another movie that shows how little things can change our perspective on life for good. It's the kind of movie in which you cannot help it but agree with the character that says "I am ashamed to be a part of human race. God will not forgive. Not even the children."

7. Kiki's Delivery Service. Majo no takkyûbin. A Japanese movie.
Intended for children, I think. It was a bit annoying, that is why I had to watch it in two sittings. It's good to teach children that it's important to find what makes each one unique and able to "fly".

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These are the movies I have watched for the II11 goal, watch 5 foreign movies.Goal completed!