Wednesday, December 18, 2013


Another goal on the 101 in 1001 list was to attend a concert. I attended two concerts because once you start going to free events you're on a roll.
The first one was, as they called it, the event of the year. It was the second edition. The first edition took place last year on the 2nd of December. This year it was on the 1st of December. The country's Independence Day. This is the poster of the event.

A national choir consisting of 200+ artists, orchestra and musicians, sang for a few hours and it was lovely.

The other event I attended was on 12th December at a Pentecostal church in my city. It was a Christmas concert and it was really lovely. The first part of the concert was only instrumental and the artists were both our city and from abroad, from USA and Geneva. The second part was both the orchestra and the choir.
This is the poster of the event.

Go to a concert has been crossed off my 101 list. III12