Wednesday, December 18, 2013

What can we do at the library - I28

Attend 5 events at the local library.
Let me tell you: my local library is fancy. They do have all sorts of events and it's free for everyone. Yay!
Here are some of the events I attended:

1. Oradea in Imagini - workshop. It was a presentation of Oradea in the Communist era. It's fascinating how the city transformed since 1940s until now.

2. Children's Reading Club. It was so cool to see them trying to understand English and to pay attention to what was going on. My participation was totally unplanned. I was just planning to go borrow some books and head home. On the hall I met with a class mate from school and she told me about the reading club, that there will be Americans (!!!) and it's all going to be in English (important since I speak no other language except Romanian). So I stayed. I even talked to a nice American lady who has been living in Oradea for a few years now and is involved in different projects through her & husband's organisation.

3. A seminar on C S Lewis' writings. I found out about this event when me and my friend were heading out from the library after the Oradea in Imagini seminar. Glad we found out about it! It was so interesting! We went on Friday and on Saturday morning. I took notes, it was that interesting.

4. Another event I attended at the local library was an event featuring one of my class mates. He's an artist. He draws comics and superheros. He even painted one of the walls in one of our classrooms with his personal superhero, a superhero of his imagination. This particular event at the library had as a goal the selling of his works and the money raised will be donated to a local orphanage. Kuddos to him and his work. Below is the wall he painted in our classroom. 
5. This week I attended another Children's Reading Club event, but it was different from the one I attended in summer. This time I was on the jury. The kids had to pick a piece of paper with a part of a text and each ticket had a question they had to answer. The competition was for four different languages: Romanian, Hungarian, English, and German. I was in the jury for the one in English. The boy who won the first place had such good English, we were all impressed. He was only in the 4th grade. It's a real joy to see kinds so young speak good English.

And thus another goal can be crossed off my list.