Friday, June 27, 2014

Moment Maker - Carlos Whittaker -- Book Review

I've known about Carlos Whittaker for a while now. It all started back when I found (many, many years ago) Angie Smith, who is a friend of his and of his wife, Heather. Many mentions on Twitter and Instagram later, I hit follow on Twitter and I added hos blog to my bloglovin' goodies.

This book, Moment Maker is his first book. I bought it as a birthday gift for a friend and I couldn't resist. I read it. Carefully. Literally. I didn't open the book too wide because it had to be intact for when I would give it as a birthday present. Something is not OK in this, I know. It's not how things are done, but I regret nothing.

The things he talks about in the book are and feel so known. For those familiar with the living in the present mentality, it will sound familiar. What I really like about this book, though, is that it's not a too energized book. I assume that many who read this, or want to read it, aren't that full of energy or ready to make bold statements, to make moments matter. Or maybe it's just me. The author is real. Straight talk. Doable strategy. This guy sure has something to say about making moments count. He rented a deck bus for his 40th birthday and invited his friends to join him on his celebration. He sang a worship song at The White House, in front of President Obama. He knows how to make moments count. Of course, most of us are "simple" people. But, he says, there's always the chance to create, receive, and rescue moments.

The book is divided into three main parts, which are titled just like that: 1. Created Moments, 2. Received Moments, 3. Rescued Moments. Each part deals with a way to deal with the moments and the opportunities that come our way. The mentality is somewhat along the lines of "Seize the moment". 
Each part is presented through the lenses of his personal experiences and also a created, received and rescued moment as seen in the Bible. It's a new way to look at the Bible. Really liked that.

The book is a rather quick read. I enjoyed reading it. I think it's probably the first book I've read on this topic that doesn't put the pressure on you to not miss the moment(s), although this is exactly the message it is written around. It presents a mentality and offers the reader another choice. I like that.

4/5 stars


  1. OK, I have to LOLLL about you buying this book as a gift and super carefully reading it before you gave it to your friend, hahaha! That is so something I'd do. I also read birthday cards 5 and 6 times before I give them away! ;) This book sounds really interesting. I have been making a clear attempt to "make moments matter" more and to enjoy life and it's happening. I might check this one out; thanks for the review! :)

    Ambelleina on S-B

    1. I know exactly what you mean! Making moments matter is more difficult that reading about them. The shock! :))

  2. LOL. I love buying a gift that you read yourself first, but being careful not to open the pages too wide. Sounds like an interesting book.

    basykes on S-B