Friday, July 18, 2014

Audrey Bunny by Angie Smith - Book Review

I am a big fan of Angie Smith. I read all her "grown-ups" books and I loved them. I could actually see her writing develop and mature over the years. One of my favourite persons I got to "know" online.

But Audrey Bunny is not a book (designed) for adults. It's Angie's first children's book and it was my honour to read it. It all starts from the story of Angie's girl, Audrey Caroline (names used in the book) who was diagnosed early on and was said she will not live outside the womb. She did live, however, for about two hours. Her birthday is April 7th (date used in the book). This is the background.

For those familiar with the story and the early days of Angie's blog (Bring the Rain), then the bunny is familiar too. It was Angie's way of explaining her three daughters what was happening to Audrey - it was a boo-boo. The bunny really existed and so was the mark on its heart. Using this, the author turned this personal experience into a reminder for all: we are loved by God, no matter how not-so-perfect we think we are.It stresses (indirectly) on how each of us is unique and wonderfully made by God.

It was designed for children, yes, but after I read it today, with the mind of an adult, I can say that it's a sweet reminder of God's love, God's acceptance, God's creativity, all revolving our lives. I dare say that adults need this kind of books every once in a while.

A mention must be made here about the illustrations; they are lovely, they are gorgeous, they capture the spirit of the book so well. Breezy Brookshire is the illustrator of the book and she did a fantastic job.

One thing that I really about this book is the Discussion Guide at the end. Children are also encouraged to be active and write a letter to themselves from God, writing how they think God thinks about them and sees them, based on Psalm 119:73 and Genesis 1. There are also a few questions parents can go through with they children. It's a great discussion starting point of topics like these.

          Book narrated by the author

*I'm sorry if it's too offensive of me calling the author by her first name, but I really do feel like I know her. I consider myself blessed to have known her blog from the early days and to get to know her and her family through her blog posts and her books.
**I was given this book by B&H Publishing Group for review. All thoughts expressed here are my own.

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