Tuesday, September 9, 2014

I'm famous!

No, not really. I'm not. But I can act like a nobody excited to be mentioned on twitter anytime of the day.
'Cause it happened! *smug*
I've been on swap-bot for a while now. It's been nice. Due to financial security, which I enjoy very much, I cannot participate in that many swaps. It goes the same for postcrossing. But swap-bot. A few month back I decided to be all brave and created my first swap. It went pretty well and so I created two more. Go big or go home, right?
Right. So big that the nice folks of Swap-bot spotted my swap and mentioned it on twitter yesterday. I know this is petty random and it surely had to do with the sign up time ending soon, so that's why they mentioned it. But of course I went all crazy and print screened it, circled it, saved it in my laptop, told my friend about it, basked in the glory of being mentioned on twitter, decided to write a blog post about it, and felt awesome about the whole thing. This is pretty much the whole story, really. 
You can see exhibit A below -- where I am mentioned! -- and exhibit B below the exhibit A, showing my featured swap. It was chocolate, people! I say it was because the sign up date passed and now we.re all shopping for chocolates to send to our partners.
This swap had its not nice parts, for which I take full responsibility, but we learn as we grow. Lessons learned for future swaps.

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