Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Labour of a beginner crocheter

This happened over weekend. I finally finished my scarf. It's not that pretty, I'm aware of my baby's ugliness. It is a "beginner-blue", a colour I do not like. It hurts my eyes a bit. I'm ready to overlook this because I crocheted this thing!
I want to take this opportunity to thank the numerous youtube videos that were uploaded by very patient users - thank you for thinking of unskilled people like me. I also want to thank my friend for explaining, in real life, one of the numerous videos on youtube - thank you for no making fun of my very much lacking crocheting skills and inability to follow a youtube tutorial. Glad you're back on the crocheting band-wagon. I expect greatness. This moment would not be complete without thanking my family who only looked strangely at me few times, and exclaimed "hello, granny!" when they saw me crocheting less than five times.
This scarf is the product of extensive labour - two weeks, and that is more than it should take to make such a scarf. But baby steps. I've pinned some crocheting projects on Pinterest like crazy. Crazy crocheting lady, that is. #proud

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