Saturday, December 27, 2014

Biographies/ Memoirs - 101 in 1001 goal

Although it started as a goal to read biographies, this quickly turned into a goal to read memoirs. (and I will cross it off. personal development stuff & I changed my mind along the way.)
Some of these are:
1. Sparkly Green Earrings -- Melanie Shankle
2. Unlikely Angel -- Ashley Smith
3. Dad is Fat -- Jim Gaffigan
4. Heaven is for real -- Todd Burpo
5. The Antelope in the Living room -- Melanie Shankle
6. Wherever the River Runs -- Kelly Minter
7. Lean on Me -- Anne Marie Miller
8. Who Am I? -- Megan Cyrulewski
9. I Will Never Forget -- Elaine C. Pereira
10. Away from China -- Roberto C. Ferrari
More biographies, memoirs, journals can be found on my GoodReads shelf.