Monday, December 15, 2014

Christmas Ornament Swap 2014

The yearly Christmas ornament swap hosted by Dawn is a tradition that has become dear to me. While the ornament I sent to my partner hasn't made it yet to its owner, the ornament sent to me arrived!
It's always such a joy to go to the post office to pick up any package that arrives on my name.
I carried it with me on some errands, but I eventually made it home and I opened it to see....
A card, a golden flower, and the ornament - a little house.

The house has two sides:
I like the little birdie.

The other side has a snowman made of buttons.

Here is what I sent:
A homemade ornament; a store bought ornament that I find to be really cute, made of wood; a Christmas card; a bar of chocolate because holidays = chocolate, of course.

And this was the ornament swap of 2014.

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