Monday, February 23, 2015

Day Zero Project Update

I forgot when was the last time I updated the blog on my 101 in 1001 project progress. This is mainly because I haven't completed much. I have finally come to terms with my issue: I like making lists better than I like doing the stuff on the list. It's a hard thing to accept and let go of when you have a list of 101 goals that you were sure you were gonna kick and cross off the list back in October of 2012. Long time, indeed!

So, as for the update, three goals have been crossed off. The lucky winners aaaaare:
I8. Read and review 10books from
So, long story. BookSneeze exists no more. I mean, it exists, but under a different name. My little blog here doesn't meet the requirements they have for bloggers to receive books for reviews, so thus arises my impossibility to review any books from them. But, I decided to stretch/change this goal. Why? When I first wrote this goal a few years ago, BookSneeze was the only source of books for review. What I mean is free books. I would get the books, read them, and then post the review here and the blog and on other retailer sites such as Amazon, Barnes&Noble, Christian Book, etc. Well, since then things have changed, as seen the BookSneeze deal. But other awesome things happened: I started requesting books from B&H Publishing Group, and was granted permission (yes!), I discovered NetGalley, I received books/ebooks via The Book Blogger List, a GoodReads giveaway. So since all these came my way, I decided to post the reviews both here on the blog and on the retailer sites. The goal was changed, and I have 14 reviews so far. This means that this goal is completed!

I11. Join a book club of some sort
I say "book club", but I use it very loosely. It's just me and a friend. So it's a small book club. We started with the Narnia series because none of us (this makes it sound like there is a bunch of us, doesn't it?) has read it before. Well, truth be told, I've read one or two of them, but it doesn't count as I forgot what the books were even about. I haven't forgot Aslan, but I needed more for the book club. of two. Anyways. We read the first 2 books of the series so far. We are reading them in chronological order of events, not the order they were published, and we are reading them in English. This makes the whole experience better. The original is better than a translation, as always. Long live the book club, I say!

I24. Discover a new hobby
It has been discovered and it is crocheting. It's very therapeutic. The goal is to make a blanket out of different colours of crocheted squares. It will also be made of different shapes of squares, cause my squares don't look like well, squares. I blame it on my beginner skills. The deadline for this blanket is this lifetime. I'm gonna rock this blanket making! I've also tried to make a pair of baby booties, but one was tight and small, the other was loose and bigger. Since a baby's feet are symmetrical, I think I will try again. I need to take this crocheting endeavor slowly. Baby steps, as they say.

So there we have it. Stellar progress. I have my eyes on some other goals that I think are doable before the end of this project, which is June of this year. And yes, round three will happen. And I will have a list ready before the end of this project because I have the goal to make it before June. Another goal will be crossed off!


  1. I love crocheting but I only ever learned one stitch and one can only make so many scarves lol

    -Zefaniya (Comment and Follow #39)

    1. haha, I agree. I was bored after one scarf! I took a break from crocheting now, but I sure do have a lot of projects on Pinterest.

  2. This makes me want to go back and find my goal list from many years ago and see if I have achieved any of them.
    I had thought about crocheting but didn't follow up on it. I need to find a good book I want to read. So will check out your book reviews!
    Kraftykj from swap bot comment 39

  3. This is so cool! I didn't know there were sites that sent free books @.@ I wonder if I can find one for horror >:D haha. Also, congrats on winning a good reads giveaway! I'd entered a bunch when I first signed up, and fell off. Your crocheting is much better than my attempt. I think I could only make a long like scarves...but not nice scarves XD
    [Comment and follow #39 AJStarfish]

  4. OMG!!! That is SO cool!! I never heard of Day Zero until today so thank you so much for that.
    I can't wait to see you blanket progress.
    Thank you for sharing this!
    (Comment and Follow #39 chendaleh)

  5. I review books too and I've gotten maybe two books for free. I just review the books I read, free or not. Usually library books or ones I choose to buy as soon as they release. I also post my reviews on goodreads, amazon and Pinterest :)

    Good job on the progress for your Day Zero project! I need to work on mine lol