Friday, February 20, 2015

Recently seen movies

Just like with my reading, movie watching has been low these two first months of the year. Time to catch up, of course. I plan to watch more movies over the next few weeks. The Oscars are on Sunday and I can't wait to see the big winner. I have only seen one movie from the list, and I plan to see Selma over the weekend. This year I have watched only three movies so far, and they are:

1. Fury
Such a good movie. I enjoyed it tremendously. The actors were good, and I think they managed to create the camaraderie that always exists in war movies. There were a lot of shootings, a lot of blood, but I expected this from a war movie. There was a scene so tense (in the two German women's house), that I my heart shrieked for the duration of that scene. It was so intense. It was also interesting to take notice of the young man's evolution throughout the movie. This gradual change of his was one of my favourite parts of this movie.


I was very, very, very curious to see this movie. I am not sure what I expected. I must confess I liked the soundtrack of the movie, more specifically the sound in the background of the trailer. There isn't much "action" in this movie, and with 2:45hours of it, well, you need patience with it. It's sweet. It has a rhythm of its own. I was mostly drawn to the idea of the movie - filming the movie over 12 years, same actors. It's also nominated for Oscar this year.

An older movie, but very much relevant. It made me want to delete all my social media accounts. The more you post online, the easier you are to be found. It also reminded me of what every wise person says: don't ever do something you don't want other people to find out about. It was intense and I was immediately drawn into it.

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