Friday, March 13, 2015

Letters and Chocolates

My love for swap-bot is well known. I love to get something in the mail, and I love to send something. It's all about the envelopes, the stamps, the waiting. Good old fashioned snail mail. 
This week was a good mail week.
On Tuesday I received a notification from my local PostOffice to go pick up a package from Finland. I knew it must be for the Chocolate swap I was in.
On Wednesday I received a letter for a swap in the Carpe Librum group for the Anything Goes ~ Bookish LETTER swap.
On Thursday I received another letter for the same swap.
Last night I snapped a photo of my swap-bot mail this week. 

I enjoyed reading the letters and I am positive I will enjoy eating the chocolates.

Of course, the item that drew my attention the most was the Finland one. It was carefully wrapped in a lovely wrapping paper.

I carefully unwrapped it because I have this maybe annoying habit of keeping little bits and pieces from swaps and gluing them in my journal, which it started to look more like a scrap-booking album. Can you see the washi tape on the paper? Yeah, I kept that. 
And when I opened it:

My swap partner wrote to explain that she sent me two of her favourite chocolates. One has toffee filling and the other orange filling. Don't they look delicious? I can't wait to taste them!
I was also sent two tea bags. It was black tea, something I haven't drank before. I drank it at work and it.was.bitter.! even with the tea I added. 
She also sent me some buttons that are just adorable!

This past week I also told some colleagues at work about swap-bot. I am curious if they will sign up. It'd be so fun to exchange thoughts and ideas about swaps.

All in all, a good week swaps-wise.


  1. Those chocolates look so delicious! I think that annoying habit of yours is something to keep, it'll make journaling/scrapbooking extra special. ;)

    Dropping by from Comment and Follow #40 via nomElizabeth

    1. Yeah, it does make the journal look fancier. Also, an easier way to keep track of little bits and ends from the swaps I've enjoyed.

  2. I bet that chocolate is amazing! I'm no fan of black tea, so that was a "duh" moment in my biased mind when I read that it was too bitter lol. Were they both the black tea? [Comment and Follow #40 AJStarfish]

    1. Yes, they were both back tea. One was Strawberry flavored and one Barberry. I drank the strawberry one. I considered that moment a very mature moment in my life, since I went outside my comfort tea-zone.

  3. I so agree with you! snailmail is just awesome! I started with postcrossing and I was so lucky I discovered swap-bot by a coincidence! That was the best!! Finish chocolate is supposed to be really good! I am sure you enjoyed it!
    swap-bot: comment and follow, chaari says hi ^^

    1. Yes, Finish chocolate *is* good! I received some Finish chocolate from another swap and it was absolutely delicious.

  4. How fun! I love getting candy and snacks from other countries..I wish postage wasn't so high because I would do those types of swaps on the regular.

    -Zefaniya (Comment and Follow #40)

    1. I know exactly what you mean! Postage costs keep me from entering some swaps. It's a shame, really! :(