Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Seamless Bible Study - Social Media Launch Team

This morning I received an email which confirmed that I was part of a social media launch team for a book I am very curious about and eager to read. The book is Angie Smith's Seamless. This is the book trailer where Angie says more about the book.
Angie Smith is my favourite Christian author of non-fiction. Studying the Bible sounds, I am sure, daunting. But I am sure this study will be so helpful in learning more about the "big picture" the Bible has. Can't wait to read the book. It releases on April 1st. There are videos that go with this study and versions for leaders, or young girls have been released as well. Clearly, this is a well though product.
In the email I received this morning, there were three printables with Bible verses written on them. All three of them are absolutely lovely. Here is one of them:
Angie's launch team is actually the second book launch team I have been a part of. The first one was for Jessica Turner's book, Fringe Hours, which I have reviewed a few weeks ago. Here's to book launches and the behind the scenes peeks they give!

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