Monday, May 11, 2015

Travelogue of the Interior- by Karen Dabaghian: Book Review

 So I finished the Psalms book. It took me a bit to finish it, but I am glad I did.

Travelogue of the Interior by Karen Dabaghian is a woman's studying of the Psalms and her quest to make them as personal as possible. What started out as a challenge from a man in her church to attend a Psalms class, turned into a year-long soul searching for Karen, a search that revealed her a number of things in her life and aspects of her walk with God that she needed to let go, improve, or pick up.

I personality think that if you are from a mostly conservative Christian background, you will either like the author for the beginning or you won't, at all. If you don't like her from the very beginning, your loss. You will find what she has to say a bit untypical because sometimes the things she says challenge some of the conservative opinions of Christianity. I was curious on her take on the first book of the Psalms and I always love a book that tries to make the Scripture personal.
Sharing just the right amount of background details to help the reader see where she's coming from in relating to a certain Psalm, and through her poems, the author does a very good job in showing that approaching God is always possible, God wants his people to stay and live close to Him, and God is more that a moody deity in the sky.
Warning: this is not a quick read book. You will be challenged, but it's a book that requires you to think its ideas over. It's a recommended read.

I received this book via Net Galley, from David C. Cook. All thoughts expressed here are my own.

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