Saturday, May 9, 2015

What Keeps You Up At Night - Pete Wilson: Book Review

What Keeps You Up At Night is Pete Wilson's fourth book. It's a book that deals with fear and its effects on people's lives. I was a bit skeptical because I was under the impression that there wasn't much you can write about in a book on fear; it's obvious that fear is bad and it brings little good, so what more can you write. 
But of course, this book shows that fear has multiple facets, but this is no reason to give up or surrender.
The book is structured in 12 chapters and they have a gradual rhythm. At first, the author looks at fear and sees it as something that plagues every person's soul and life, but he keeps reminding the reader to focus on things that matter. Fear will rarely be eradicated from one's life, but trusting God and learning to wait on Him are such great reminders of things we as Christian know we should do, but we are more prone to let fear take hold of our lives. Gradually, the author comes to the conclusion that  fear's hold can be redirected, and there are always ways to go about things. I particularly liked his emphasis on the power of faithful prayer and searching for God's presence.
Each book chapter is divided in small chunks that focus on a certain aspect that has to do with the theme or topic of the chapter. At the end of each chapter there are some conclusions drawn, as well as some questions or prompts to help the reader in his or her daily life. The book is very good for a book club or small groups to go through. It will surely be something that opens discussions. 
Pete Wilson, the author, is a pastor to a church - Cross Point Church - in Nashville, Tennessee, and he preached on a series with the same title as the book. I listened to the sermons and they are really good, and would be a nice follow up to the book.

I received this book from Thomas Nelson via Net Galley in exchange for my hones review. All thoughts expressed here are my own.

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