Monday, June 29, 2015

Day Zero Project #2 - I have failed, but I am wiser for it

The last day of my second attempt at Day Zero Project came and went. I am sad to announce it was a failure. Of the 101 goals, I have met 26, and even those - indulgently! Unfortunately, it was worse than the first time I participated. While the first one surprised me and saddened me, this was didn't feel like a disappointment. Maybe the reason behind my lack of emotional involvement in this failure is my awareness about six months ago that this was not going to work. I haven't made any attempts to meet any goals on the list ever since, however it made me think if I would like to try again. You know, the whole "Third time's the charm!" or whatever one says when attempt #2 goes down the drain.

Back when I was enthusiastic about the third 101 in 1001 list, the plan was to start immediately after the second one's time was up. That would have implied that I have a list ready to publish. I sure love lists and made lists of the lists of the initial list. Yes, exhausting. But oh, how one changes in the time span of two and a half years! Firstly, no, I do not have another list ready. The mere thought makes me cringe and it feels like too much pressure. So no, no list of one.hundred.goals.! will be created in the coming week. Secondly, I like to think I am wiser than I was two+ years ago, and I will think twice or ten times before I publish yet another overambitious list on the whole wide Internet for all to see. If I will attempt this project again, it will be more privately. Also, I will try to make it more me-friendly. The first two were nice and super enthusiastic! Yet, as annoying as the word "super" and that "!" in the previous sentence.

What I meant with this post is that I need to let go of this drive to make lists so I can cross them off. Here's to making lists that will help me expand my interests and help me grow beyond my comfort zone. Cheers to that!

PS. The Day Zero Project is a wonderful idea. Unfortunately, I am afraid I approached it slightly off. I encourage anyone who stumbles upon this little post to try it. Some have been successful at it. There are plenty of prompts on the project's site to help anyone who's interested in getting started.

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