Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Searching for Sunday - by Rachel Evans: Book Review

I will not write a long review, I will simply say that Rachel Evans is very good with words, a fantastic writer, but her arguments are not biblical. I think this is probably the first "feel good" books we keep hearing about, making room for every form of "Christianity", whether its base is the Bible or not. She uses as arguments the Orthodox and Roman sacraments to support a very, very liberal mentality that is not rooted in the Scripture. What she calls Christianity is not grounded on the Bible, but more on the latest 21century social issues. While I do believe the Church is called to be involved in the life of the community, I don't believe the Church is called to adopt every new wave and idea the culture promotes. More and more the idea of "the table", where all are called and accepted no matter their life-style, is pushed into focus. While the Last Supper Jesus had with His disciples is a fundamental moment in His ministry, I think that to be able to fully understand its importance we need to stop at the altar first, to learn how to be a living sacrifice, admit sin, and repent of it. Uncomfortable things to talk about, surely not as interesting as sitting at the table and sharing stories, but I personally believe we are called to grow in Christ likeness, not openness to everything accepted nowadays.
Despite some nicely underlined points, I don't think this is a very useful book for the struggling Christian, while for the mature Christian it will probably give a perspective on why so many people leave the Church in search for something that appeals to them more.

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