Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Seamless by Angie Smith - Book Review

I have finally finished going through Angie Smith's Seamless Bible Study. This was my first Bible study and it proved what I knew all along: I am not a Bible study kind of person. The study wasn't very detailed, it was easy to go through, and it is a good starting point for someone who isn't very familiar with the Bible. I picked up some Bible trivia along the way, I underlined the very wise observations Angie made (although not as many as in a regular book written by her), and got a better image of the Bible's whole image. At times it felt a bit rushed, maybe it could have been longer and more detailed, but I can see how the author probably didn't want this to be overwhelming. 

I was part of the Seamless Launch Team, so I received a free copy of the Bible Study from Life Way. All the above thoughts are my own.

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