Saturday, October 17, 2015

Christmas Ornament Swap. Edition: It's Never Too Early

It's that time of the year - me googling Christmas Ornament Swaps. I know Dawn @ Candidly Clyde is planning on hosting her yearly Christmas Ornament Swap, but I needed one more. I turned to swap-bot, but the only ones I found were for handmade ornaments. For some reason, this is not a crafts-filled year for me, so I'll just stick to a store bought ornament. But goodness, all the options in the stores! So many! I can't wait to go browse and buy an ornament or two or we'll see how many. There's a big store in my town and since last Friday it is so ready for Christmas! I plan to go back next week and see all the good stuff.

these are Christmas ornaments I sent in the past for swaps

So, because just one Christmas Ornament Swap is not enough, I decided to create one on swap-bot. The requirements are pretty simple: you buy or make a Christmas Ornament, add a Christmas card if you want, and mail the package to your partner. That simple. I know I liked all the Christmas ornaments I received in previous years, and it's a nice way to spread some Christmas cheer.

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