Friday, December 11, 2015

Mail and Swaps and Christmas Going-Ons and Books

I mailed a lot of Christmas cards. A lot. I joined some swaps on I particularly like that site during the Christmas season because there are a lot of swaps going on.

I have also entered some ornament swaps, as well as a chocolate swap.

I have mailed one ornament swap in November, the other in December. Here's what I sent:

picture taken at the office hence the blurry, low quality pic.

 One of the swaps I participated in was Dawn's, of course. Since this year there were over 100 participants (!!!), she hosted a giveaway. I won! Yup! I did! I felt a bit silly, because I knew I used every possible entry for the giveaway. But I am sure I will overcome these feelings once I receive the nice things Dawn put together. The plan is to wait for my sister to come home and open it together and get overwhelmed by all the goodies. 
this is what I sent for the swap hosted by Dawn.

From another swap I participated in I received a beautiful wooden reindeer.

Other than these swaps and some simple Christmas cards swaps, I haven't participated in any other. I sent some postcards via post-crossing. That is something I plan to participate in again next year. I have so many beautiful ones, plus the ones brought as souvenirs by my colleagues from the places they visited over the last year. I plan to someday organize them all in an album. One day.

Last weekend I completed the puzzle I got for my birthday. For a moment last weekend I thought I had lost a puzzle piece, but all are in their box, safe and sound. Here's the final result:
Next one? A 1000 pieces one!

As every year, there's ShoeBox! It's a national campaign, resembling Samaritan's Purse Operation Christmas Child. I left everything for last minute, but last night while I was getting the boxes ready I was reminded again that I do like to put together a gift. I was also reminded that my wrapping skills are not much improved since last year.
the mess before
 the final product: presents for a teenage boy and a little girl

And last but not least, the books I mentioned in this post arrived! I got them today at work and I was super excited. This day was good simply because they were right next to me, on my right. I was so giddy every time I would glance their way. Can't wait to read them. I am currently reading North and South. I came to a passage that I so like and I don't want to move past it. When that happens I just browse the Internet aimlessly or do anything else, just to prolong the unique moment of knowing there's a good passage in a good book waiting to be read (or reread) - I don't want it to end.
The two new books sitting between Little Women and Rubik. Yes, I do need to organize my books.

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