Saturday, January 30, 2016

What I've Read Lately #3

This is the second of the seven intended books in The Seven Sisters series. I read the first one from Net Galley and I enjoyed it very much. The idea of a series that starts from the same moment with each book, but then follows the story of a different person every time - yes, please! This one felt more at home, so to speak, because I knew the pattern: we learn about Pa Salt's death, and then we learn a bit about Ali's life, so that later on we find out where the clue she was left will lead her, and then comes the unveiling of the past. It was interesting the first time, and it was interesting the second time around. I am very, very curious about the third book, especially because it wil tell the story of one of the sisters I am most curious about. This book gave me such a good feeling while I was reading it (despite the sometimes boring passages), and I was a tad surprised when one day I suddenly thought "Oh, I wish I hadn't finished The Storm Sister!" Why? Because although I wanted to finish the book to see how it ends, I also wanted it to last longer because it was a comfortable reading. Here's to a equally good third book!

A while ago I started reading the Narnia books, and I decided to read them chronologically, not in the order they were published. Prince Caspian in the 4th in the chronological order. While I 5 started the first three, this one only got 3 stars from me. I liked it best only after Aslan made his entrance. That's also when the heavy highlight began, ha! The story is about the four siblings, Peter, Susan, Edmund, and Lucy, and how they were sent to Narnia to save the land from the evil King Miraz, and help Prince Caspian regain his throne. Spoiler: I knew from the movie that this will be Peter and Susan's last trip to Narnia. It was so fake, I believe, that they said nothing about this in the book, you only learn about in the end. To be honest, I was looking forward to a serious, deep conversation with Aslan. We only learn that "they are too old". Let me just say, you are never too old for Narnia! but then again, what do I know? I am too emotionally involved in a book I only gave three stars. In one of the previous books, when Edmund has his prodigal son moment, and later on he has his deep conversation with Aslan, Aslan answers to the other three siblings who inquire what the conversation was about, Aslan simply tells them that there is no need to talk about the past, and it was something only Edmund needed to hear. That is one of my favourite parts of the books. I assume this is something that went on between Peter, Susan and Aslan.
I look forward to reading the next book, and I hope I'll like it better than this one.

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