Friday, April 15, 2016

Latest Crafts & Swaps

* In February I participated in a swap themed (shocking!) Valentine's Day! I made two cards, and although they didn't turn out as I imagined, I am pleased with the end result.

* For another swap I had as a swap partner my real life friend and work colleague, Alexandra. She is good with crafts, and her kindness is visible in the way she gets every swap ready for her swap partners. The swap she prepared for me was such a lovely thing to find on the desk in the morning when I arrived at work.
This is how it looked after I put it back together for a quick photo.
All the goodies were inside this box. She used the napkin technique to make the box look pretty.
She gave me hot chocolates, a chocolate cream (the heart shaped, which was such a flashback from childhood!), buttons, and a cute flower ornament.

* During the month of late February, early March, I crocheted a lot of flowers. I even sold a few. Some turned out quite good, other not so much, but I had a few good, relaxing evenings working on them.

* I received one of the best put together swaps in March. It was from Beatrice, a wonderful girl in Italy. Everything looked so nice, I just had to take it to work and brag about it to my friends. Like a 5 year old, yes.
 I received this swap while I was home off from work because of a sudden, nasty cold. Needless to say, this cheered me up!

* Some other, random swaps I put together:
I love it when my room looks like this - it's when creativity is not dormant.

There were a few others I received and sent, but I don't have images of those. Swap-bot is a bit of a disappointment these days. I received a 1, and this was a downer for me. I hope to resend the swap (third time!) and hopefully the person I'm sending to will remove the one. I also received some postcards. Every piece of mail brings me so much joy!

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