Saturday, August 6, 2016

Giddy Up, Eunice - by Sophie Hudson: Book Review

Author: Sophie Hudson
No. Pages: 264
Publisher: B&H Books

A few months ago I received a newsletter from Sophie Hudson's blog telling the subscribers that there's a super-offer: buy one book and you get one free to give to another friend. All this in the spirit of friendship and cross-generations friendships. Of course, I told my amiga about this and we decided it's a fine idea. For our book-club we decided it's time to read it. 

I was expecting a light reading, some deep observations here and there, but the general tone to be super easy. And I prepared myself for yet another book on the theme of friendship. In a nutshell - it surprised me in a wonderful way.

This is the author's third book and it is my favorite. It is funny and cute, but I found it to be full of depth as well. She writes of three unlikely friendships/relationships in the Bible: Mary and Elizabeth, Ruth and Naomi, Lois and Eunice. The idea of the book is "about cross-generational friendship - how younger women need older women and older women need younger women. How we're meant to walk through life together." Sophie makes the Biblical teaching easy to relate to. On top of this, she brings her experience as a teacher and counselor for high-schoolers, so you know she has an idea about the importance of cross-generational friendships. 

I love a personal book, and this book was full of personal stories from her life that illustrated her points. I admired her for opening up about her mama and writing about her. If there is one thing that is clear when reading this book is that Sophie Hudson is honest and intentional about friendships. She knows their importance, and she means every word she wrote. She values family and friends a whole lot, and this is obvious. She encourages her readers to be ready to invest time and energy in friendships that at first might seem unlikely. I absolutely adored her plea for the women who are a few years wiser to invest in the younger generation.

Reading her new book was funny, but it didn't stop at that: she beautifully urges to seek opportunities to create and value relationships that affirm and build the generation that is ahead of us and behind us.

Absolutely must read. Not necessarily because you haven't read anything like it before, but because it's honest and it is written by someone who's been invested her whole life in the things she wrote about in this book.

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