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One of the Few - by Jason Ladd: Book Review

Title: One of the Few. A Marine Fighter Pilot's Reconnaissance of the Christian Worldview
Author: Jason B. Ladd
Publisher: Boone Shepherd
Publishing Date: October 27th 2015
Page No.: 318

In the beginning, the author mentioned a remark made by one of his friends: "Your life is not that important to grant writing a book about." I read this book, and I agree with what the author said towards the end- every life is important enough to be worth writing abook about. This is all the more true when during the course of that life, the individual realizes their importance as a human created by God, made in His image, for His glory.

Jason B. Ladd is a Marine fighter pilot, so this book is packed-full with analogies and metaphors about the resemblance between a Christian's life and a Marine's. Prepare yourself for a lot of Marine talk and many capital letters words. I was unfamiliar with all of these, so it was a new thing I learned. However, at times it got overwhelming and I stopped trying to remember what all the words meant. I just accepted that they were relevant to the book. If you are familiar with the US Marine and other military structures in US, you're good. If you are not, don't give up, there are some good stuff in this book.

The book starts from the author's young years as a military kid, back when his family was stationed in Japan. The events of the book (although "events" is a bit much said, because events are not the focus of the book) are not chronological. However, the main idea of the book is Ladd's repentance and acceptance of God and Christianity. It is not (as I was tempted to think) an easy-breezy kind of book, where you learn about a man who decided to just accept God. This is about someone who researched God, who read a lot, inquired a lot, and then accepted that this God of the Christians is the only God. At times the book covers some hard topics, and deep theological issues. Reading this as a Christian should be no problem, but for someone who is not used to such aspects of faith it may be a bit challenging. Worth reading, though. 

One of the Few is divided into three main parts. The second and third part are the most "practical", if you will. They approach various daily life situations. This is great - it's like showing the basics to a new believer, or showing a non-believer what this Christian living is all about. As someone who's lived both lives, so to say, Ladd is not talking gibberish, he knows what being a Christian entails in the everyday life. It is encouraging to read it as a Christian, and thought-provoking as a seeking person who wants to learn more about God.

As I mentioned, this is a well researched book. It is clear he's read and studied a lot, and I liked all the references written down at the end of every chapter, not all added at the end of the book. They are useful for anyone who wants to learn more about a certain topic covered in a chapter. Although at times it may seem difficult to read because of the subject approached, it's something useful. I am glad and grateful I had the chance to read it.

3* - I liked it.

I was contacted by the author and offered a free e-book copy to read and review. All thoughts expressed here are my own.

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