Saturday, January 14, 2017

Reading Plans for the Year Ahead - 2017 edition

It's snowing outside as I write this, so what better moment to do on a Saturday afternoon than sit in bed, tea close at hand, and write about your reading plans for the yeah ahead? The answer: few things are better than this, really. 

As any person who  has reading as a hobby, I like to see the pile of read books add up. I have been using Good Reads for many years, but this year I decided it's time to go back to the traditional way of book tracking. I know it may not turn out to be a good year as far as reading is concerned, but that's not a good enough reason to not make it fun. Therefore, besides my Good Reads profile, I decided to print a bookshelf. I found one here, and inspired by it I made my own. I drew the number of books I want to have finished by the end of the year, and as I finish a book I will write its title on the book spine.
Hopefully, every spine will have a title as the year progresses. 

One thing I want to change about my reading habit is the books I read. It's high time I started reading some more Romanian literature. Putting pen to paper, I made a list of possible Romanian books I want to read this year. The number I have in mind is ten, but I wrote more than that to give myself flexibility. Of course that list is not exhaustive, I can add to it anytime throughout the year. But just to be prepared and have an option at hand at all times, I made the list. I am a bit nervous, to be honest. Over the last years I've read so many books in English and so little in Romanian that it takes a longer time to read the books in Romanian. I roll my eyes just typing this because I know how snob that sounds. Alas, it is the truth. But no more! I am ready to approach the Romanian literature. Ten is doable, right?

A five books goal is set for classics. You know them, Anna Karenina (which I began reading in high school and abandoned without a care in the world, but which I now think is time to try reading again), the books I haven't read signed by Jane Austen, rereads of To Kill a Mockingbird and The Catcher in the Rye, that sort of classics. Maybe I'll read more, maybe not, but five is good for me for now.

Last but not least, five books of non-fiction. I have a few from Net Galley, so maybe those will be a double win. I don't really care much about non-fiction, so five is a safe number. If there will be more, good for me.

If you kept track, that makes twenty books. In 2016 I read 38 books, so given the busy year this might turn out to be, somewhere around 30 books is a good number for 2017. Besides these twenty perfectly planned books, I plan to read ten more, but whatever I want. That means Net Galley books, books that I've had on the TR shelf on Good Reads for way too long, recommendations from friends and Internet people, or anything else that suddenly sparks my attention. Or something I buy impulsively and read it as soon as I have it.
* * *
Anne Bogel of Modern Mrs. Darcy keeps mentioning that Life is too short to read boring books. How right she is! I have had this fear of abandoning books for a long time. I have continued reading Dostoievski's The Idiot because it was a "serious" book. I hated it. Better to abandon a book than to hate it, I guess. I do sometimes read a book despite my loath because I want to see how bad it can get; those are my 1-2 stars reviews, are most of the time they are Net Galley reads and I feel bad for not finishing them. However, this year I have already abandoned one book, a Net Galley book, because after I hit the 25% mark it no longer interested me. The mere thought of turning on my Kindle and reading it made me want to browse the Internet or do anything else but read the book. That's a clear sign that we must part ways. So, I have decided that 2017 will be the year I will abandon a book if it doesn't catch my interest and attention by the 25% mark. Thanks, Anne Bogel!

In theory, my plan is all formed, the necessary lists have been made, some books have been checked out from the library, some have been ordered from Book Depository. What lacks is the right mood to pick up the right book. Here's to a good reading year and many, many good (for me) books! Cheers!

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