Friday, February 10, 2017

Every Giant Becomes a Monster - by Collins Kelly: Book Review (Abandoned)

Author: Collins Kelly
Publisher: Rosethorn
No. Pages: 260
Publishing Date: 1.02.2017

I did not care at all about this book, about what happened, what was happening or what will happen to the characters. Carson, for some reason he certainly didn't know, decided to just roam the country. He decided to stop for a while in Flaggtrap because he met a woman he was attracted to. In his obsession with Donna, a I-like-it-rough-and-I-play-the-viction-when-I-could-be-divorcing-my-alcoholic-husband bartender, he is what some would describe a loser. A liar and good-for-nothing, with an affinity for and skills in music, he seems to have a high opinion of himself, trying to act like a  I-got-this-thing-called-life wanna-be man. He's 19; he knows nothing. Not even the wit the book description mention didn't endear him to me, the reader. 

The characters are weak, both in their actions in the novel and in the way they were created. Not even one character seemed worthy of interest from my part, not even the main character who was the most irksome of all.

Probably the only redeeming thing for this novel as far as I was able to read it are the references to music. No matter how unusual, crazy, dark and slightly creepy the genre the characters prefer, this is the only thing that makes them human.

I only read 40% of the book and I don't plan to ever pick it up again. The plan was to read until the 50% mark, but I couldn't. Too many better books out there to waste my reading time on something I was sure by the 10% mark I wasn't going to like.

The Good Reads description adds and an asterisk noticing the novel is "for adult fans of dark fiction only". I have never read such fiction before, and I was intrigued. Unfortunately, this book made me reluctant to try this genre in the future, although I looked forward to reading this novel, and I particularly liked the title. Major :(

I received a free e-book copy of this novel from the publisher via Net Galley. All negative thoughts expressed here are my own.

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