Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Burntown - by Jennifer McMahon: Book Review

Title: Burntown
Author: Jennifer McMahon
Nr. Pages: 304pages
Publisher: Doubleday
Release Date: 25.04.2017

It started sudden, and the events gut-punched you when you least expected. It was impossible to stop up to the 30% mark, and even then only because I had to wake up early the next morning. It was unputdownable. It's been a while since I've last read a mystery novel that drew me in so much.

It wasn't the fact that I didn't see the end coming; the actual "mystery", if you paid attention throughout the novel, was fairly easy to guess. But the first three quarters of the book were so written as to keep you guessing. Just when you think the events will calm for a bit and let you catch your breath after the last plot twist, a new change of situation arises and how can you stop reading just then? You can't. I cared so much about the characters and their fate that I kept reading till the very end, even to just read the confirmation of my suspicions.

I liked how the characters were created with one exception - the bad guy. After all he'd done I was expecting more cruelty on his part in the end, not the mopey, gushy, touchy-feely man. But I can overlook this because the rest of the book was a thrill to read!

This book made me miss mystery and crime novels.

I received an advanced free e-book copy of the book from the publisher via Net Galley. All thoughts expressed here are my own.

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