Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Postcrossing & Postcards

It's been a long time since I last posted an update on the postcards I received and sent via Postcrossing. I haven't been very active over the last six months (or year?), but a few weeks ago I remembered my 101 in 1001 project. Of all the goals I have come up with for that project, reading is the only one that I have been serious about. Besides reading, I think sending mail is my favourite, so one of the goals I set was to send 100 postcards. I am short of three postcards, and I'll be able to cross another goal off the list. 

Here are the last five postcards I received and I have a photo of. I've decided to take a photo of every postcard I send and received in order to upload it on the site from now on. Makes me feel more organised and serious about the whole affair.
 I love this postcard!

 And here are some I sent:

In May I spent  two days in Cluj-Napoca and I stayed overnight at a cousin and her husband's home. She is an avid postcrosser. She was kind to give me a lot, and I mean a.lot.! of postcards. This may have contributed to rekindling my love for sending postcards. 

A few weeks back, I got a surprise email. Of course, initially I thought it was spam because I am calm and never jump to conclusions. (that is sarcasm, btw, if you didn't catch it). The sender, Ana, the community manager at Postcrossing, congratulated me for winning third place on the latest giveaway. That means ten free postcards from Natuurlijkefoto. I get excited for everything free, but to have won a giveaway made me even more excited. Today I got the postcards in the mail. It came as a lovely surprise because I completely forgot about it. It's been a full and stressful month this July, and it's not even over yet. But, the postcards: 

 This is the "extra" postcard letting me know I won. Isn't it pretty that little birdie whose species I don't know?


And that's my update on Postcrossing. I think I should pick a postcard and send it on its way, and have the last three postcards traveling together towards the fulfillment of my goal.
Aww, doesn't that sound poetic and cheesy? 

PS. Excuse the lack of quality these pictures of postcards have. Winning a Pulitzer for photography is not a goal of mine.

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