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Rosie Colored Glasses - Brianna Wolfson: Book Review

Title: Rosie Colored Glasses
Author: Brianna Wolfson
No. pages: 336
Publisher: Harlequin
Release Date: 20.02.2018
Format: mobi Kindle

The one sure thing about this novel is that it's sad. I usually like the going back and forth between present and past, but this time it didn't help very much. It made the novel more difficult to piece together that it already was.
Rosie Thorpe, mother to two children, Asher and Willow, and ex-wife to Rex, suffers of mental illness. I honestly didn't know what that illness was. She was depressed, this I understood. She was a very energetic and happy person, marching to the beat of her own drum. Obviously, this proved to bring trouble long term, especially because her husband, Rex was the very opposite. Willow, their oldest child, is the one who suffers the most after their impending divorce. The novel is mostly told from Willow's and Rosie's perspectives, the author bringing the reader to understand what went wrong 15 years before and what can't function in the present.

What surprised me was that there were literally only six relevant people mentioned. The family of four, and Roy, Rex's best friend, and Chloe, Rosie's former roommate. With a family facing so many issues: a depressive mother, a father unable to show his love in a palpable way to his kids, a traumatized child who wets herself regularly - well, there had to be someone to do something. It usually surprises me how in some novels there just don't seem to be any other adults. Didn't Rex and Rosie have parents, siblings, close friends? Both kids were in school - why didn't a teacher, a counselor, someone intervene? 

I was drawn in by the novel, despite its shortcomings. I don't think there could have been a better ending to this story, because how can you make everything nice and clean and wrap it up in a bow with so many issues? However, I think Rosie's issues could have been explored deeper, Willow's trauma could have been handled better by the parents who seemed to accept it as something normal {A passage comes to mind: one day Willow comes to school with pencil shavings in her hair and Rosie, her mother!, remarks that she likes what Willow did to her hair. Really? The kid is being bullied.}, more involved adults could have been present in the novel. The premise was good, but the way it was carried out was not the best. I did like the idea of exploring mental illnesses and the way it affects families, although I wish it were more thoroughly presented. It repeats a bit too much when it is shown from Willow's perspective, but can you blame the poor kid?
A nice read, nonetheless, by a promising author.

I received a free advanced e-book copy of the novel from the publisher via Net Galley. All thoughts expressed here are my own.

List of Characters: {contains spoilers}
Rosie Thorpe - 36 years old - happy-go-lucky kind of person. Was working in a flower shop when she met Rex.
Rex Thorpe - 43 years old - organised, type A personality 
Rosie+Rex= married for about 10-11 years
Willow - Rosie and Rex's girl, the oldest child
Asher -  their younger boy
Chloe - Rosie's roommate. drug addict. Rosie becomes dependent
Roy - Rex's best friend
Amanda Rooney, Patricia Bleeker, Roger Wallace, Robbie Hawkins - kids at Willow's school, bullies

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