Thursday, January 2, 2020


One of the things I like about Good Reads is the end of the year graphic statistics. Here's mine for 2019.
Compared to 2018 (not that I'm into comparing myself!), I read way more books. In 2018 I read 48 books, and in 2019 77. 

The shortest book was also my last book of 2019, The Christmas Miracle of Jonathan Toomey. It's a darling Christmas book. I got it from the library and it was the perfect read on a chilly morning in December. For some reason, the plot was so familiar, but my GooReads stats don't show it in read shelf. Maybe I had heard it before somewhere.
The longest book was a Harry Potter, the fourth in the series - The Goblet of Fire. For this one I needed some time to get into the plot, but it was worth it. I enjoy the Harry Potter series, especially because I read them in English, but they are doorstoppers and I need some pep talk to start reading.

I think I was a bit stingy with my ratings this year. They avarage at 3.6, which is not bad, but not ideal either. I hope I'll read books that are more interesting to me and impact me more. 

My first review of the year was Number the Stars by Lois Lowry. I enjoyed reading this one, and I am glad I read it because it introduced me to Lois Lowry and so I discovered the The Giver series by her and it was one of my favourite series. I loved them all!

Every December I create a list of Christmas themed books that I want to read from. The Nutcracker was on the list this year because I wanted to finally see what the deal is with this one. I didn't like this that much as my 2* rating shows. I am glad I finally read it, though, because now I know the plot and the whole thing. I didn't know it will be a story within a story, and I had missed reading one of those. However, why this is a Christmas book and we celebrate that Nutcracker is beyond my power of understanding...

And on to 2020! I haven't set a reading challenge since 2011, as the above printscreen shows. I saw some bookstagramers on Instagram saying that they liked the statistics shown by GoodReads even if you have one book set as your reading goal. Well, I wouldn't be me if I didn't have a serious number. Considering that in 2018 I read 48 and last year 77, but this year I want more quality and personal interest in books, I thought 40 would be nice number, and it's connected to 2020, and it has a nice ring to it. 

Here's to a good reading year to come! I have some reading resolutions and plans, but first I'd like to look over my books read last year, and organise my reading a bit. What a joy reading and planning to read is!

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